Data Analytics

Optimize analytics for your organization with robust models for data storage and retrieval.

Our Data Analytics services helps businesses and municipal organizations optimize performance, plan and manage assets and construction, and increase revenues.

At GM BluePlan, our focus is understanding how data will be used to create robust models for data storage and retrieval. Our team have experience completing many complex GIS and data management projects; we can provide you with clear direction in the creation, implementation, and maintenance of spatial and analytical deliverables.

Our Team

GM BluePlan has a dedicated, industry-leading team specializing in Geo Spatial and Database Analytics, and is supported by an outstanding Field Services group.

We have 12 team members with postgraduate degrees or diplomas in geographic information systems (GIS). Our team is well-versed in a variety of GIS and database applications and standards including ArcGIS, MS SQL Server Spatial, Oracle Spatial, MIDS, MDW, OSIM, and PACP.

Recent projects include the creation of facility management tools, assessment applications, capital planning tools, and bridge maintenance systems.