Land Development Engineering

Comprehensive engineering solutions for a range of land development projects.

GM BluePlan provides engineering services to support a wide range of land development projects, ranging from small-scale infill projects, to extensive brownfield developments and large greenfield residential subdivisions.

As each project will have unique requirements, care and attention must be given to developing engineering solutions that best suit the natural environment, the intended function of the development, and the available capacity of the parcel of land and its associated infrastructure.

Experience & Expertise in Land Development

Our team provides a range of engineering services for land development projects including site grading and drainage design, servicing design (storm and sanitary sewers and water mains), low impact development (LID) design, topographic surveys, and stormwater management.

Our in-depth knowledge and understanding of surveying, conceptual, preliminary, and detailed design provide a foundation of support for projects including Zoning By-Law Amendments, Official Plan Amendments, Site Plan Applications, and Draft Plan of Subdivision Applications.

Infill / Brownfield Development

Urban spaces in Ontario are constantly growing and evolving. Infill and brownfield development projects are a key part of this process and are an important way to reclaim vacant, unused, abandoned, or contaminated land and transform it into a thriving part of the community.

Subdivision / Greenfield Development

Southern Ontario is full of growing communities. To meet the residential needs of these growing communities, GM BluePlan offers engineering design services to support the development of subdivisions and greenfield areas.