Infrastructure Renewal, Design & Construction

Designing life cycle infrastructure solutions for future generations

Solid infrastructure is the hidden and unseen foundation of our communities. Beneath our streets, an intricate maze of pipes, cables, and infrastructure exists to provide critical services to homes and businesses within our communities. As this infrastructure ages, renewal and rehabilitation is required to maintain a high level of service.

At GM Blueplan, we possess the knowledge and experience to provide full life cycle infrastructure solutions to municipal communities. We can assess, design, and administer the construction of a wide range of infrastructure projects that will serve future generations — infrastructure solutions that are being planned 50 or 100 year in advance, due to technological advancements in both products and installations.

These infrastructure solutions need to be built to serve future generations. They must account for increased populations, climate change implications, and the needs of our changing population.

Infrastructure Renewal Expertise

If your municipality is undergoing road reconstruction or other infrastructure renewal, it is important to consider how to provide long-term value to the community.

At GM BluePlan, we offer utility renewal services coupled with transportation expertise to provide our clients with complete and robust plans for infrastructure renewal. Our team can bundle sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and water main replacement with roadworks to provide an improved cost-benefit while decreasing the frequency of construction for area residents.

Our team also offers public consultation, construction inspection, and administration expertise to support infrastructure renewal projects.