Peer Review, Policy & Standards

Providing your organization with a strong foundation for decision-making.

Development of policy, strategies, and standards is a complex undertaking, requiring a fine balance of executive parlance and meaningful, relevant content. It is essential for modern policies and standards to provide a foundation for strong, defensible, and transparent decision-making for an organization.

At GM BluePlan, we provide specific peer review, policy, standards, and strategic advisory services under our management consulting practice. We often provide additional services across our engineering, information technology, financial, asset management, and infrastructure planning disciplines to support all planning, policy, and standards work.

If you are looking for a professional second opinion, or if you have knowledge or experience gaps within your organization, we can provide a valuable ‘second set of eyes’ with objective, arms-length recommendations. We can also offer internal services on your behalf to maintain a certain level of service or help you keep up with technical demands.

Infrastructure Program Delivery

At GM BluePlan, we have extensive staff resources that provide informed perspectives on developing and delivering infrastructure programs. Our practical experience is leveraged on each project to provide you with unique and valuable strategic advisory.

We understand that infrastructure program delivery must often balance conflicting interests including social, environmental, and financial considerations. Our team members are specifically selected to bring niche strategic knowledge and experience to help resolve such challenges.

Development of Policy, Standards & Strategy

At GM BluePlan, we provide comprehensive peer reviews of a broad spectrum of engineering disciplines and support Value Engineering exercises.

We are adept at efficiently and vigorously peer-reviewing studies, master plans, development applications, market evaluations, and value assessments, in order to ensure our clients receive the best decision-making and optimal support for their projects.

Our development of policy, standards, and strategy is achieved through careful consultation, respecting client culture, and drawing upon our broad, collective experience in creating and implementing policies, bylaws, and standards for past projects across Canada and internationally.

Our team is accustomed to working with councils, boards, and executives, as well as engaging with front-line staff, customers, agencies, and other stakeholders.