Master Plans

Comprehensive plans for your municipality, across all infrastructure types.

Master Plans represent a comprehensive vision of the infrastructure plan for your municipality that takes into consideration planning, capacity, state of repair, and compliance, in addition to social, environmental, financial, and long-term maintenance factors.

At GM BluePlan, each Master Plan is designed to meet your project goals and objectives, and extend beyond a long-term capital program. Our team includes nationally-recognized leaders in Master Plans, who have delivered long-term plans for communities from Vancouver to Halifax, with a significant number of Master Plans developed in Ontario.

We have completed Master Plans across all infrastructure types including water, wastewater, stormwater, and transportation. We have also delivered studies across the full range of approaches under the Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) process for Master Plans.

Our team is well-integrated in the federal, provincial, and municipal planning, management, and financing process, which are key components of the Master Plan environment.