Construction Review & Inspection

Review and site inspection to assist with construction projects.

During the construction phase of a project, it is important to understand the underlying intent of the designs. GM BluePlan provides engineering services to ensure continuity between the design and the construction phases of a project, including construction reviews, site inspection, and contract administration.

At GM BluePlan, our senior design team members will remain involved with a project throughout the construction process, in order to provide consistency for the client and improve decision-making efficiency. If challenges arise during the build, our team will be able to provide clarity on the intent behind major design choices and help to implement the right solution.

Our approach to construction avoids handoffs between different design teams and ensures that no one is blindly following specs, without a big picture view of the project. All of our construction inspectors have surveying experience and are trained on all the latest equipment, allowing them to measure and locate new infrastructure as it is installed and provide current information upon project completion.