Infrastructure Planning

Supporting the growth of our communities with strategic infrastructure planning.

Municipalities and communities face many infrastructure challenges, ranging from population and employment growth, to the age and condition of existing infrastructure, to regulatory compliance, and the overall level of service provided for users.

The diverse issues facing municipal infrastructure require a balanced, multi-criteria approach to future planning and demand a broad range of skills, expertise, and experience. It is important to have a long-term strategy — and even more critical that your Infrastructure Plan is designed to be defendable, robust, and implementable.

Our Multi-Disciplinary Team

At GM BluePlan, our Infrastructure Planning team has the ability to address the full range of infrastructure planning challenges across different municipal assets and infrastructure types. We can also provide support for infrastructure renewal, design, and construction projects

Our team of land use planners, hydraulic modellers, municipal engineers, environmental planners, consultation specialists, financial modellers, and strategic advisors can provide a comprehensive service to meet your specific needs.

Strategic Infrastructure Planning Services

Our Infrastructure Planning team has a proven track record of successfully delivering big picture strategic plans. We understand the impact that planning assets will have for decades to come.

We also recognize that a critical element for successful infrastructure planning is communicating the vision and the plan to a wide-ranging audience, including municipal engineers, senior management, city council, approval agencies, or the public and other interested stakeholders.

Our fundamental approach is to apply life cycle principles to decision-making and recommendations. We integrate planning, engineering, and financials to ensure that your Strategic Infrastructure Plan is defendable and robust for all audiences.