Halton Region Downspout Disconnection Project

 In Infrastructure Planning

Based on the recommendations of the Halton Region-wide Basement Flooding Mitigation Study, Halton Region initiated a program to identify and disconnect all downspouts from the storm and sanitary sewer system in four phases. GMBP completed the first two phases of the program in Burlington and Oakville, the third phase in Acton, Georgetown and Milton, and the fourth phase in Aldershot and the remaining areas of Burlington and Oakville. Each phase involves the inspection of approximately 10,000 homes each, for a total of 40,000 homes. Approximately 4,400 downspouts have been disconnected to date. The Phase 1 flow monitoring program showed a measurable decrease in I&I as a result of the project, while the Phase 2 post-disconnection flow monitoring program and analysis is currently underway.

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