Three Grand River Crossings Schedule ‘C’ Environmental Assessment

 In Structural Engineering

GM BluePlan was retained by the City of Brantford to complete a Schedule ‘C’ Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (MCEA) for three bridges over the Grand River, including one vehicular crossing (Lorne Bridge) and two active transportation crossings (Brant’s Crossing Bridge and TH&B Crossing Bridge). Each of the three bridges had been identified as requiring structural repairs. The study was intended to identify the short and long term plans for the three crossings, including the feasibility of removing the winter load limit of Lorne Bridge and the need for one or both of the active transportation crossings. A key consideration of the study was the risk of flooding and ice jamming events in the study area, as seen during a prior event in 2018. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, GM BluePlan assisted the City in revising the public consultation strategy for the project to incorporate virtual Public Information Centre’s (PIC), which included video presentations of the PIC materials posted on the City’s website. Following the MCEA process, the Project Team conducted various background studies and public consultations to review the feasibility of options for each of the three bridges. The recommended solutions included the rehabilitation of Lorne Bridge, including the removal of the winter load limit, replacing and raising the Brant’s Crossing Bridge to reduce the risk of future flooding and ice jamming events, and a minor rehabilitation of the TH&B Crossing Bridge, with the intent to remove the crossing at the end of its useful life. The MCEA was completed in 2022.

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