Environmental Engineering

Sustainable engineering solutions for the protection of your environmental resources.

At GM BluePlan, we are committed to the protection of our environment and drinking water sources. We understand the challenges of managing, protecting, and conserving our environmental resources, including our water resources, to ensure a sustainable future for our communities.

Our environmental engineering practice provides a broad range of engineering services, in addition to supporting our municipal engineering and infrastructure planning teams. Common drivers for our environmental work include due diligence, planning and development requirements, best practice, and regulatory and compliance requirements.

Over the years, our environmental services have specialized to support municipal and land development projects, with a particular focus on brownfield sites, commercial and industrial activities, waste disposal and landfill site management, property transfer needs, and water resource challenges within communities and infrastructure projects.

Our Multi-Disciplinary Team

Each environmental engineering project is supported by our broad, diverse, and multi-disciplinary team, including experts in hydraulics, hydrology, geology, hydrogeology, and other core environmental specialties. Our project experience includes municipal clients, private clients, and many relevant stakeholders and approval agencies.

Our specialists have in-depth experience with infrastructure design and construction, and regulatory requirements as enforced by the MECP and the TSSA. We leverage our in-depth experience delivering environmental assignments across Ontario to provide each project with enhanced value.

Our Environmental Services

At GM BluePlan, our environmental engineering services range from permitting and studies, to detailed site modelling and analysis, to facility designs and construction. Our environmental services include:

Assessment & Analysis

  • Air Quality & Mould Assessments
  • Environmental Compliance Approvals (ECA) – Waste Management, Sewage, Air/Noise
  • Environmental Activity and Sector Registry (EASR)
  • Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments (Phased ESAs)
  • Record of Site Condition (RSCs)

Studies & Investigations

  • Air, Emissions, and Noise Studies
  • Designated Substance Studies (DSS)
  • Hydrogeologic Studies to Support Landfills, Sewage Systems, and Development
  • Permit To Take Water (PTTW) Studies
  • Soil and Bedrock Investigations
  • Soil and Groundwater Quality Investigations
  • Water Supply and Aquifer Yield Investigations (D-5-5 Study)
  • Water Quality Studies

Site Plans, Monitoring, & Other Services

  • Contaminant Hydrology
  • Landfill Monitoring and Reporting
  • Facility Operations, Contingency, Closure, and Regulatory Plans
  • Site Remediation
  • Source Water Protection
  • Storage Tank Removals & Associated Investigations/Remediation (TSSA)
  • Soil Management Plans (SMP)
  • Surface Water Hydrology
  • Waste Management Plans (WMP)

Landfill Management

At GM BluePlan, we offer over 40 years of experience in the construction, operation, and management of landfill sites.

Our waste management plans can help you understand the baseline costs of your waste management system and provide you with a detailed cost-benefit analysis, with recommendations for optimization.

We also offer monitoring and reporting for landfill sites to help reduce the time required to navigate compliance.