Structural Engineering

Expert engineering services and assessments for a wide range of structures.

At GM BluePlan, we offer a wide range of structural engineering services, from small existing condition assessments or specific component design, to the delivery of fully-detailed design, contract administration, and construction inspection of large-scale projects.

Experience and Expertise in Structural Engineering

Our team has extensive experience in private, municipal, agricultural, industrial, institutional, and commercial sectors across Canada. Our team can provide planning, design, rehabilitation, and construction, as well as the assessment of both new and existing structures.

Our building design and inspection services are applied to unique projects and integrated into larger environmental and municipal projects completed by our teams.

Bridges & Culverts

GM BluePlan is involved in the planning, assessment, design, rehabilitation, and construction of a wide range of bridge and culvert structures throughout Ontario. We use state-of-the-art design software and incorporate innovative, new products to optimize the design of our structures.

Many projects involve new construction, while others will focus on the detailed inspection, rehabilitation, or removal of existing structures. We offer engineering services for a range of structures, including:

  • Heritage structures
  • Pedestrian, vehicular, and railway bridges
  • Single span bridges to multi-span bridges
  • Abutment arrangements (including integral, semi-integral, and expansion joint)
  • Shoring designs
  • Bridge load limit evaluations

Our team can repair or replace bridges made of concrete and steel girder, trusses, bowstring arches, or double-leaf bascule/moveable bridges. We can design precast concrete for chambers, manholes, culverts and bridges, or deck slabs and footings. We can also provide new, replacement, or rehabilitation structures utilizing cast-in-place concrete, precast concrete, and steel.

Buildings & Structures

Our building services range from major reconstruction and additions to minor modifications including structural design of steel, reinforced concrete, ICF, wood, or heavy timber. These services can be delivered to structures with residential, industrial, institutional, or commercial uses.

Our building services include:

  • Acoustic fences
  • Building design and retrofits
  • Design of Designated Structures under the Ontario Building Code
  • Special structure design and contract administration/inspection (for treatment plants, intakes and outfalls, reservoirs, pumping stations, wind generator structures and foundations, and dams)
  • Retaining walls (including cast-in-place concrete, precast concrete systems, and gabion baskets)

Assessments & Studies

Our assessment work includes visual enhanced, non-destructive, and destructive testing-based inspections to determine the adequacy, structural integrity, and soundness of structures and their components.

Assessments are made to determine existing conditions, as well as evaluate current and future use in relation to the applicable codes and standards. We complete assessments and studies for the following:

  • Bridge Condition Surveys and Inspections (OSIM)
  • Building inspections
  • Building Code Compliance (including municipal, industrial, commercial, institutional, and residential compliance)
  • Condition Assessments
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Reserve fund studies
  • Structure appraisals