Low Impact Development (LID)

Reduce the impact of your development on local waterways.

Land developments can have a significant impact on nearby waterways. Urban areas will have fewer plants, trees, and soil to naturally absorb stormwater runoff, which can cause the natural flow of stormwater to disrupt the healthy functioning of local ecosystems in adjacent lakes, rivers, wetlands, and shorelines.

Low Impact Development (LID) Design and Green Infrastructure is an innovative set of practices used to mitigate damage caused to waterways by development projects. These design techniques aim to slow down, absorb, and clean stormwater runoff in urban areas, such as roadways, parks, and neighbourhoods.

At GM BluePlan, we understand that changing regulations and a growing desire for environmentally sustainable infrastructure have made it important for municipalities to consider LID design strategies. Our team is uniquely positioned to offer both industry-leading LID design services and a sustainable, full life cycle approach to infrastructure maintenance.