Bird Landing Subdivision, Guelph

 In Stormwater Management

The Bird Landing Subdivision is a large residential subdivision (+/- 6.0 ha) which included mixed-density residential lots and municipal right of ways. The stormwater management design included lot-level controls (i.e. infiltration galleries), conveyance controls (i.e. oil/grit separators), and an end-of-pipe stormwater management facility. The end-of-pipe facility was designed to infiltrate all runoff from storm events up to the 100-year. Enhanced infiltration galleries within the banks of the facility were designed and installed, as well as a sand filter along the bottom of the pond. Runoff from the municipal right-of-ways was also infiltrated through the end-of-pipe facility, or through a separate infiltration gallery designed and installed in the boulevard of the right-of-way.

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